Manifest One.3

All of Manifest’s calls for entry are competitive. The stiffness of the competition has increased in proportion to Manifest’s growing reputation, powerful mission, and international reach. Our mission to stand for quality, to create a system whereby works are judged with objectivity as a primary aim, and assembled with as little subjective curatorial ego as … Continue reading

A call for unrealized projects

Unlike unrealized architectural projects, which are frequently exhibited and circulated, unrealized artworks tend to remain unnoticed or little known. But perhaps there is another form of artistic agency in the partial expression, the incomplete idea, the projection of a mere intention? Agency of Unrealized Projects (AUP) seeks to document and display these works, in this … Continue reading

Manifest Gallery 7th Annual International Drawing Annual

We are extending the deadline for International Drawing Annual submissions by one week to January 7th (midnight anywhere). This is due to an overwhelming response, and numerous requests for a slight extension by artists who are traveling during the holidays.   A Competitive Annual Publication of Works of Contemporary Drawing and Writing about Drawing $1000 … Continue reading

Manifest call: “Go Ahead…Touch Me!”

GO AHEAD… TOUCH ME! An International Exhibit Exploring Works that Invite Physical Interaction A full-color catalog will be produced. Each exhibitor will receive one free copy. Thanks to museology and the inevitable fragility of things conserved, preserved, and stored for posterity, we are conditioned to revere the sanctity of artwork. We take for granted that … Continue reading