Your biography should be a short narrative version of you resume.  Include personal details, like where you live or grew up.  Mention training, education, awards or anything else that highlights your art career.  It is most common to  write the biography in third person, but you can write in first person if you prefer.

Here are some general formats:

New Artist Style

(Artist Name) was born in (year) in (Town, State or Country).  In (year) she received her (degree) in (subject) at (Institution).  (Last Name) has already been included in various important exhibitions including (“title”) at (Venue, City, State) and (“Title”) at (Venue, City, State).  This year, she will attend (Residency or Special Program).  Upcoming shows include (“Title”) at (Venue, City, State).  (Last Name) currently lives and works in (City, State).

Emerging Artist Style

(Artist Name) lives and works in (City, State) and was a (Year) recipient of (Grant/Scholarship/Something Important).  He has exhibited in solo exhibitions at (Venue, City, State) and (Venue, City, State).  His numerous group exhibitions include (“Title”) at (Venue, City, State) and (add another example).  (Last Name) was honored with the (title of grant/award) in (year).  Public Collections include (name) and (name).  He is currently working on (describe work in a few words) for (“Title”) at (Venue, City, State) in (year).

Midcareer Artist Style

(Artist Name) received her BFA in (Year) from (Institution) and her MFA in (year) from (institution).  She was a member of the (Art/art history/other) faculty at (institution) for the last (#) of years.  (Last Name)’s work have been written about in (publication), and (another example).  She has been actively involved in guest residencies and lectures (nationally/internationally).  Her works are included in the public collections of (collection) and (another example).  Solo exhibition venues include (venue, city, state) and (two more examples).  Group exhibition highlights include (“title”) at (venue, city, state) and (another example).

While these formats are a good place to start, adding your own flare can make the biography more interesting.  Also I find it better to combine some of the formats to best showcase your accomplishments.


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