Resumes are a tricky thing…they need to list all your achievements, experiences, and training relevant to the opportunity for which you are applying.  While this may sound easy enough, it becomes complicated deciding what to include.  The best way to start is to make a Cum Vitae/master resume which includes everything you’ve ever done (related to art that is) that you can come back to and tailor for a more specific resume later.  From there, keep it clean, succinct, consistent, and easy to read.

Resume Organization

here are the most common sections of an artist resume:

contact information

name, address, phone number, email, and website (you want this person to be able to find you in any way possible)


year, degree, school (include all degrees even if they do not apply to fine arts)

solo exhibitions

year, title of show, venue, city, state

group exhibitions

year, title of show, venue, city, state, curator or juror (keep in mind people want to see that you are active in the art community; it is better to have a bunch of shows in lesser-known places than one in a higher-profile venue; as your career progresses you can edit this section to highlight the best exhibitions you’ve been in)


year, name, location

awards, grants, and fellowships

year, name, description (short and succinct information about project)

(if you have a lot in these sections, you can divide them into individual categories)

press (or media and publication)

Media is what is written about your work, meaning reviews and articles.  Publications include printing of your work (writings or images).  It is your option whether to separate these sections or keep them together under the title Press.

author, title, publication name, city, state, date, pages


name, city, state

technical skills

(list skills related to the opportunity for which you are applying; be sure to organize these skills in a meaningful way, e.g. by mediums or materials)


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