Unfortunately we have to find money somehow.  Every artist has a day job (well not Jeff Koons or Damien Hirst), but no emerging and midcareer artist can live off their art alone.  According to Heather Darcy Bhandari and Jonathan Melber in Art/Work the average income of an emerging artist from sales of artwork is less than ten thousand dollars a year!  Definitely not enough to pay off grad school debts, get health insurance, or buy more art supplies.

The key is finding a job that adds to your practice.  Getting discounts on materials (lumber yards/hardware stores, art supply shops) or access to creative stimulation (botanical garden, community center, history museum) or a place where you can hone your craft (frame shop, illustrator, printer, artist assistant).  Whatever job you get, remember that it is just a day job not your real job and it does not dictate your identity.  You’re an Artist!

Here’s a little help finding some art related jobs.  These are places I constantly check out for new openings.

College Arts Association


New York Foundation for the Arts (click on For Artists, Jobs in the Arts)

Chronicle for Higher Education (often lists community college positions)

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