Grad School

Well the applications are lengthy and the processing fee is high, but graduate programs can be the best creative experience you will have as an artist.  It’s hard to decide which school is right for you, but here are some things to consider:

1.  the faculty (are there good people working there whom you can learn from?)

2.  other students (what does the work of current and past students look like? and where do you fit into that spectrum?)

3.  facilities (does the place offer you what you need?  equipment, space, ect.)

4.  financial support (how much does it cost to go there and can you get scholarship?)

5.  the institution (where does it rank against other art programs?  what is the general student body like?  public or private?  location?)


Some of this stuff you can find out by researching online, but you’ll learn more by visiting the program and talking to current grads.  If you do visit be sure to talk to both faculty and students…remember that the school is still trying to sell something, students may give you a more honest response.


Here is the ranking system by US News.  I’m not sure how they do the rankings, but I’ve been told it makes a difference where you go….how much, I’m not quite sure.


US News Art Graduate Program Ranking


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