Manifest call: “Go Ahead…Touch Me!”

An International Exhibit Exploring Works that Invite Physical Interaction

A full-color catalog will be produced. Each exhibitor will receive one free

Thanks to museology and the inevitable fragility of things conserved,
preserved, and stored for posterity, we are conditioned to revere the
sanctity of artwork. We take for granted that we must not touch, respect
the bullet proof glass, don’t step over the line, and no flash photography
please. This despite our instinctual nature to use all (or at least many)
of our senses to experience new things.

Manifest ends its seventh season with a project intended to contradict this
conditioning. By offering “Go Ahead… Touch Me” the gallery invites
artists to share work that is deliberately touchable. We are curious just
what this will bring to our gallery, and how our viewing public will

Deadline for Entry: June 29, 2011

Exhibit Dates: August 12 – September 9, 2011

Entry Fee: $10 for unlimited number

Visit website for entry details


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