International Gallery of Contemporary Art – Ankorage, AK

The International Gallery invites artists to submit proposals for solo exhibitions. Proposals are accepted at any time.

Exhibition proposals are judged primarily by the quality of the work, but also by a narrative in which artists explain what it is they are trying to learn or what they are trying to explore in the body of work they will prepare for the exhibition.

The Gallery accepts only new work that has not been previously exhibited elsewhere in the state. In this way, the Gallery plays a role in stimulating the creation of artwork.

The International Gallery does not focus on only traditional media, but is open to all art forms including installation and performance art and to new explorative media such as digital, video and other technological forms.


Digital entries only

Email your exhibition proposal to:

Please allow up to three months for a response to your proposal. Proposals are reviewed by a selection committee, which convenes approximately once a quarter. We are willing to work with you to accommodate your needs within our schedule and if interested in your work, we may call you to ask if the proposal may be adjusted regarding size or date.

visit website for proposal details.


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