Oxford Kinetics Fest

The Event

Sunday April 1st, 2012, 12-3pm. No foolin’

Produced by MAKETANK in conjunction with the Oxford Community Arts Center

The Exhibition 12-3pm
Regional and invited artists, students and makers show off their mad skills. Sculptures, Robots, Devices and more…

The Scramble 1-1:30pm

Entry Form

The Scramble is part parade, part race, part obstacle course and all fun. Participants will self-power their mobile creations along a course which circles and criss-crosses itself. Objectives and rules of the event will be kept super secret, revealed immediately preceding the start of the event. Suffice it to say you will need your body and your mind in tip top condition if you want to survive! You will also need to be able to pilot your contraption effectively enough to avoid other moving contraptions.

Who participates? Anyone under the age of 113. Entries range from pedal powered hovercrafts to your brother’s razor scooter decorated with water wings, from monster bicycles to giant puppets on stilts. Think welding, papier mache, face paint, foam rubber, cake and biscuits, rubber bands, and flubber. Go for it! See past festival images and the inspiration page for some ideas…
For help creating more ambitious contraptions, check out our free workshops.

For Kids 12-3pm

Kids! Come check out all the awesome stuff going on and build a kinetic contraption of your own design.
Bring your bike and some ideas and we’ll help you whip up your entry for the Scramble. We’ll have some miscellaneous materials, but bring anything you have to work with!

ToyLab will be on the scene with bins full of pieces of toys, and toy scientists ready to help you assemble new creations.

Come build k’nex: Try to wrap your brain around what Rube Goldberg is all about and use our stuff to build and explore nonsense contraptions for the day.

Awards Ceremony Following the Scramble

Awards will be given for greatness in the many forms it takes. Categories will be announced at the time of the awards ceremony. They might include best engineering, clunkiest, loudest, slowest, fastest, or they might not include any of those at all! Be superlative!


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