Manifest Exhibition on abstraction

Deadline to Submit: August 17
Exhibit Dates: September 30 – October 28, 2011

For details and to enter visit:

An International Exhibit Exploring Works of Abstraction
(Manifest’s Season 8 Opening Exhibit)

A full-color catalog will be produced. Each exhibitor will receive one free

There are at least three components to a work of art. Often one of them,
Subject, supersedes the others, bordering on distraction and flirtation
with nostalgia. Abstraction diminishes or sublimates the role of Subject in
such a way as to allow Form a chance to take center stage. In essence, Form
becomes the Subject. Ironically, this rebalancing gives way to a clearer,
and perhaps more truthful, experience of a work of art as a real thing –
something that is itself rather than a reference to some external ‘other.’

Manifest launches its exciting eighth season with a project intended to
feature and explore contemporary abstraction. From non-objective,
geometric, expressive… to figurative abstraction (works in which there is
a recognizable subject that is distorted, is in some way not ‘realistic’,
or is clearly secondary to the overall formal nature of the work).

Eligibility: ABSTRKT is open to everyone. Professionals as well as students
are encouraged to enter. The only limitation is that entries must represent
original works of art that are a sincere representation of abstraction.

Media: Open to any and all traditional and non-traditional visual arts
genre and media, (including video, photography, etc.)

Deadline for Entry: August 17, 2011


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