Redline 2011 Application for Artists-in-Residence Program

Denver, Colorado

Entry Fee: $30.00

Entry Deadline: 7/5/11

RedLine is excited to announce our 2011 Artists-in-Residence call for entry. Artists working in all mediums are welcome, which includes but is not limited to writers, filmmakers, actors, visual artists, dancers. RedLine seeks to represent all creative mediums within our 19 resident artist studio spaces.

RedLine engages approximately 15–20 artists at any given time who remain “in residence” for a two or three year period. In exchange for a small stipend artists receive studio space and mentoring from three to four accomplished artists per year who may be “in residence” or may be guests of RedLine on a more intermittent basis. Interactivity is a core element at RedLine: artists engage in healthy art criticism and vibrant debate as they grow together as artists and in the community. RedLine engages artists to particpate in various educational forums which allow them to learn new techniques and to hone their existing skills. The Artists-in-Residence Program is based upon an equitable selection process. Artists working in all mediums are welcome to apply including writers, filmmakers, performance artists, photographers, and visual artists. It is important to note that each artist is responsible for outfitting their studio with the necessary tools to produce their works.

Application Check-list:
1) Artist Statement (3000 character maximum)
2) Letter to jury that addresses the issues and concerns you have faced in your artistic career and why you consider yourself an emerging artist.
3) Brief statement on how you may benefit from being an Artist-in-Residence at Redline
4) Brief statement on career goals
5) Current Resume
6) Current Employment Status
7) How you heard about the RedLine Artist-in-Residence program.
8) Paragraph describing your community work or volunteer experience.


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