For one day, ditch the internal combustion engine and celebrate human-powered art and ingenuity.

April 9th, human-power is taking over Uptown Oxford. Dust off your monster bike, kit out your catapult, and suit up in your best mechanical sculpture—we’re closing High Street so you can earn your kinetic street credit. Join in the main event: The Scramble —a mad mess of people-powered pedaling, Tinker Toy testosterone, and gear-head swagger. Anything goes—as long as it doesn’t have a motor. Bring your bike; bring the kids, and bring your game face. Just don’t bring any gas-guzzling gizmos, steam engines, or new-fangled nuclear contraptions.

When: April 9th, Noon to 3:00

Where: High Street, Uptown Oxford

What: A Celebration of Human-Powered Art and Ingenuity

FUNNY STARBURSTS: Earn a patch.  Learn-how workshops.  Demonstration booths.  Human-powered bands

For more information, go to


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