High (realism’s realism)

An International Competitive Gallery Exhibit of Contemporary Realism

Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

Deadline for Entry: December 17, 2012

Within the genre of realism one finds subcategories of photo-realism, hyper-realism, and various other nuanced versions of the practice. Manifest announces this broad call in order to survey how contemporary artists approach such work, possibly in unexpected ways, and to present the public with a compelling exhibition, and a view into the relevance of making things real.

This exhibit will occupy two gallery spaces at Manifest from January 25 through February 22, 2013 and will be accompanied by a full color catalog documenting the included works.

For details and a simple online entry process visit: http://www.manifestgallery.org/high

One Response to “High (realism’s realism)”
  1. jeremy says:

    How do I share a call for artists? I don’t see a contact email

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