Island Press Internship

Island Press offers summer internship opportunities for students and artists interested in print collaboration and arts administration. Duties creating editions for Trenton Doyle Hancock, Ann Hamilton, Radcliffe Bailey, and Diane Victor.

The internships will take place from May 21-August 3; prior printmaking experience is required.


Island Press is a research-based printmaking workshop at Washington University in St. Louis that is committed to creating and publishing innovative prints and multiples, educating students and the broader community about print media, and advancing the printmaking field.

In the context of intensive visiting artist residencies, Island Press explores the expansive theoretical and material terrain of the print. The Press is project-driven, tapping into the place where the artist’s creative activity and research intersect with the unique capacities of the print. Experimentation with new modes, platforms, and technologies is a natural part of the printmaking pursuit at Island Press, resulting in the creation of ambitious and pioneering editions in a wide range of media.


Contact Island Press at 314.935.8051 or for more information.


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