artist looking for participants

More people can accomplish more things together… Corwin of Radio Sebastian has some projects that he is looking for creative minds to contribute to.   You can email Corwin with questions and your final projects (send him an email ).  He says that if you include your address when you contribute , he will happily send you something back a surprise.  Listed below are a few tasks that you can think of as a studio warmup.

(1) Word ladders

Make a shine-faith word ladder (courtesy of Lewis Carroll’s wonderful word game). Full rules at

(2) Shine Recordings

The word shine is indefinite. Shine, shiiine, shiiiiiiiine. I welcome voice and/or video recordings of any combination of these three things: (1) the longest shine you can say; (2) what you think the ideal shine is; and (3) what your personal shine is. So the word “shine” three times; not narrative exposition. Please e-send video or audio files directly to me. Remember to introduce yourself and say which of the three you are doing in what order!!!

(3) Shine Constellations

I am making a series of connected shines (see eg here for an unfinished version). To complete these images, I need lists of names to use to label the “shines” with… if you would send a list of artists or writers whose works or lives are meaningful to you… or some other list of people related in some way to something… I will incorporate that list into the work. Be sure to include your full initials too so I can put you in the list. Any size list is fine… by way of example, the linked example has 173 shines that need labeling.

(4) Shine Enactments
I am making a series of shine videos in which people silently (or with sounds not involving words) act out the word “shine.” Please send videos directly to me or, if you are in the DC or New Mexico area, I will be happy to film you.

(5) Color videos

I am in the process of making a series of color videos. The basic idea is that a group of people (at least two) get together and have a conversation over what the epitome of any particular color is (the epitome of white could be a polar bear in a snowstorm). They record the conversation. It then gets paired with another such video… say the epitome of black… and creates a new colors, here grey. Email me if you are interested [along with any primary or secondary color preferences] and I will provide more explanations and examples. If you are in the DC or new Mexico area, I will set up and film the whole thing.

(6) Shine Photographs
I am converting photographs of people to photograph-drawings by adding shines to them. I would love to include you in this project. Ideally, if you are around the Washington, DC, or New Mexico area then I will come by and photograph you for the project. If that is inconvenient, I welcome you to submit photographs that you think fit the project (the higher the resolution the better) that I will then print out and cover with shine.


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