Lexington Art League – figurative exhibition

Deadline: 11/01/11

January 13–March 11, 2012

The human figure has been a timeless and universal subject of art. It resonates throughout art history and continues to play a key role in contemporary art practice. Contemporary artists have refocused our gaze on the body as a vehicle for aesthetic experimentation as well as explorations of modern life, modern identity, and the social and sexual politics that impact us all. With that stated, artists are invited to submit images of their work, in any medium, dealing with the subject of the body/figure/nude or using body/figure/nude as a metaphor or allegorical vehicle, for consideration by the jurors. While all work will be considered, we especially encourage submissions that are conceptually based or produced using new media.

NO ENTRY FEE. For entry guidelines, visit www.lexingtonartleague.org/calltoartist.htm or contact Becky Alley at balley@lexingtonartleague.org.


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