Sculptural Chimney Swift Towers

The Stevens Point Sculpture Park of Wisconsin is working in partnership with the Aldo Leopold Audobon Society to develop and install two or more sculptural objects that can function as chimney swift nesting towers. Proposals for this project are now being accepted. Application Deadline: August 1, 2011.

DESCRIPTION OF NEED : Chimney Swifts are beautiful birds that provide a benefit to our natural surroundings by eating many harmful insects. Often called “Flying Cigars” these birds are rapidly disappearing due to habitat loss since the 1980’s when new home chimney designs and overzealous homeowners combined to make homes critter free. Modern homes often have no chimney’s or small vent pipes that are not sufficient to support Chimney Swift nesting. The survival of the Chimney Swift depends on having a place to nest. In recent times people have been building towers to address this need. This project is designed to explore the aesthetic possibilities of this medium.

For a full project description including information on construction details visit website.


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