Repositioning the Gaze in an Age of Voyeurism

Throughout the history of art, theorists and philosophers have tried to negotiate the visual and conceptual relationship that exists between a work of art and the viewer’s gaze. What has fueled much of this debate is the argument that because the gaze inherently signifies possession, and can therefore be tied to certain power structures, it is something that is neither benign nor passive even in the most simple of circumstances. Considering this historical position in today’s climate of increased surveillance, “reality” entertainment, and the popularity of social media, it has become necessary to re-evaluate the concept of the gaze within a contemporary context.

This exhibit, which is open to all media, seeks work by artists who are exploring what it means to see and be seen in today’s culture of encouraged, and even expected, personal transparency.


Repositioning the Gaze in an Age of Voyeurism is being curated by Brandelyn Dillaway, the 2010 Truman Curatorial Fellow, and will be exhibited from January 17 through February 17, 2012 at the University Art Gallery at Truman State University in Kirksville, MO.

Submissions should include:
— Digital slides of existing work on a CD-Rom in jpeg format (no larger than 1MB) or in a Power Point presentation
— OR proposals for a new project, accompanied by a collection of digital slides that provide an overall summary of your work
— An artist statement
— A CV
— A budget detailing shipping costs and any other expenses that will be incurred when exhibiting your work
— SASE (if you wish to have your materials returned)
— Any additional materials that you wish to have considered

There is no fee for submissions. Pending funding, the venue will pay for exhibition expenses, shipping expenses, and catalogue printing.

Contact: Brandelyn Dillaway, Director, Art Gallery, Mt. San Jacinto College, 1499 N. State Street, San Jacinto, CA 92583. Submit questions to Brandelyn Dillaway at

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