Dedalus Foundation Scholarship

The Dedalus Foundation is now accepting nominations for its Masters of Fine Arts Fellowships in painting and sculpture. Under this program, two fellowships are awarded annually. Each fellowship will be given to a final-year student matriculated for the MFA degree in painting or sculpture. Each fellowship award will be for one year (January – December 2012), and will carry a stipend of $20,000.   

We are writing to invite you to nominate two students as candidates for these fellowships. Please note that the students who are nominated should be about to enter their last year of graduate school in the fall of 2011, and graduating in the spring thereafter.

To nominate students, department chairpersons must visit <> and enter mfa2012 into the “Nomination Code” field. You will then be prompted to enter your nominee’s e-mail addresses and phone numbers. The nominees will be automatically notified that they are eligible to apply and will be issued codes to access the online application.  Each school may nominate only two candidates, please coordinate this with your colleagues. Nominees may be either painters or sculptors; it is possible for both nominees to be working in the same medium. Early nomination will afford your students the maximum amount of time to complete their applications.

The timetable for the fellowships will be as follows: Nominations are now being accepted via our online form. Nominees are then asked to submit applications electronically no later than June 15, 2011. A committee of distinguished artists and critics will evaluate the applications in the fall, so that decisions can be made by December and the fellowship can begin in January 2012. The stipend will be paid in two parts, the first in January and the second in June.  The fellowship is therefore intended as a “bridge” at that crucial juncture between being a student and being an independent artist. As you know, this is a particularly important and often uncertain time of transition for young artists, and it is our hope that these fellowships will help to facilitate that time of transition.

The Dedalus Foundation, which was founded by the artist Robert Motherwell, supports public understanding of modern art and modernism by facilitating research, education, publications, exhibitions, and museum collections in this field.  For more information please visit the foundation’s web site at <> .


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